Thursday, April 06, 2006

So friggin busy

Why do I have a blog if I don't post? Because I can bytches!
I have been busy, point blank. Doing what? None of your business.
Between doctor's apointments, hubby, vacation andTiVo...I've been busy.
I've also had a trifilin bytch try to imperonate me on a website...trying to stress my marriage.
HA HA, shyt is so sweet it's like candy...let's just say "you are the weakest link,...goodbye"
Lately hubby and I have been watching Season 2 of 24, we Tivoed it back on New Years Day. Shyt is like crack.
Still hooked on AI and ANTM. But recently we started watching Thief and that show is on point, hope it gets picked up for more than 6 eps.

Did yall here Eminem and Kim Mather's split again? No shyt, you have a grave with my name tattooed on your stomach and shyt is NOT going to work out!

BBL...@ work.


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