Thursday, February 23, 2006

Too Much TV, So little room on TiVo

I've been going CRAZY trying to catch up with Tivo!

Dancing with the Stars: My pick- Drew

Ok I was NEVER a 98 Degrees fan....didn't know who the Lachey's were until Newleyweds. I feel in love with Nick and Drew. Drew's Michael Jackson Tango has to be one of the bes dances this year....but the dance him and Cheryl did the next week to BEP with those slide moves (was it a rhumba?) was phenominal...Anyway a pic is below and they're wearing brown...lawd Drew impressed me. Also the fact that his wife and Nick hit it on the head...this is Drew's turn to finally shine and I think he's earned it.

I love Jerry- he is a gentleman and really dedictaed himself to the show. His fans really surprised me by letting him get to the finals. I was shocked to say the least! (And is wife is friggin gorgeous)

I LOVE LISA (minus the hideous lips of course) - Talk about dedication. Looks DAMN good for her age. Beautiful spirit. OF COURSE SHE WASN'T GOING TO MAKE IT! As much as I love Jerry, I do believe Lisa DESERVED to go to the finals. Most improved by far! Her foxtrot was beautiful (ya shoulda went home sooner Lisa, u were revitalized!)

Stacy - Ah're a natural yes...your legs make even women drool....but I think Carrie Ann was right on the DO NOT tell a story. I couldn't put my finger on it but on Friday she took the words right out of my mouth...But when did Stacey become a wrestler?Where da fugg was I? Hubby got me into WWF back in 1999 and I remember when Stacey joined as EYE CANDY...I sure as hell don't ever remember her wrestling (not denying it, but what year did this happen)...She is a beautiful and sweet girl....with legs almost as tall as I am. (I'm 5'4 dammit!)

Edyta & Marco & Michael Buble - F A B O L O U S!
Buble is one cool wihite guy, I must say. He's been in my iTunes for a minute. But Marco is SO DAMN SEXY and Edyta worked it out. 1st reslts show I really truly enjoyed.

Can I just say ALL THE PROFESSIONAL WOMEN HAVE THE BEST BODIES I EVER SEEN. Although Anna can be cocky, that chick can work those hips. But I have to say that Cheryl, her legs, and her back are forcing my ass to go back to the gym ASAP! OMG FRIGGIN GAWD! I LOVE CHERYL DAMMIT!
Honorable mention....the Dirty Dancing routine....yes I was screaming "they did the lift!!!!"



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