Thursday, February 23, 2006

Idol is BACK!!!!

Ok I just posted my picks on Let me start off by saying the ladies are strong this year yall! With that said, here are my faves...but I have to state that hubby picked Fantasia within 2 shows and he made is pick this yea as well. I kinda feel him on it I'm going to break down

1st to go:
-Bobby Bennett: Copa my ass!

-David Radford: he's prolly get the teenybopper vote, but that shyt last night just pissed me off...PPL DREAM about making it to AI and these kids think its a joke!

1. Gedeon's smile annoys the shit outta me
2. It just takes up too much space amd that half ass dimple just made it worse. Shout was a bad song choice and I just was not impressed at all.

-Heather Cox: I didn't like that song before, I sho as hell don't like it now. I think one of the weakest females period.

I'm conflicted about:
-Will Makar cutest little kid...but how far can that take him?
-Patrick Hall: not attracive = not marketale
-Bucky (thass out cat's name) Covington: he did NOT impress me much (right Shania?) Plz fix the teeth!?!?!?! GOOD LAWD
-Kinnik Sky: She was beautiful (gurlll I want that dress!)
-Breanna Gethers:I knew she was a new yawker yall)...Can my bytch bring back her claws ASAP! I kinda liked her song I and realized she was trying to enlarge her fan base after Hollywood week. I LOVE her as the badass chick! I love her and Simon. If she doesn't work it out soon, catty females will backlash and she will go home *pouting* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T BE SENSITIVE AGAIN UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE TOP 10 (AT LEAST)!

1. PARIS (SHE NEEDS NO LAST NAME): This is my front runner and hubby's WINNER. I rewinded her performace at least 6 times. I thought she was setting herself up with the Gladys comparison....but my girl brought the house DOWN! SHUT IT DOWN YALL!
2. Lisa Tucker: Did you see her mom? That girl got some good genes yall! I COULD NOT BELIEVE SHE CHOOSE HOLIDAY! I WAS NERVOUS, I WAS SCARED, I PUT MY MEXICAN BLANKET OVER MY HEAD....BUT SHE DID IT. Lisa is A PHENOM, strong, humble, beautiful (hair may need a change once the stylists kick in)...very strong contender.
3. girl choose HEART! I LOVED IT! Question is, is America read for a plus-size female Idol...or will this be another Kimberly Locke?
4. Katharine McPhee: I love this girl's voice (hubby didn't but I think my ear is better than his after watching AI religiously). Her mother trained her well, she's got a sense of humor and personality, and her breathing i scontrol will get her FAR. Mark my words!

Fave Fellas
1. Ace Young: The eyes and hair alone got me. But once I heard Father Figure, I was DONE. OMG he's got the package yall...defintely will go far.
(Is it just me, when I listen to GM lyrics now they have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT meaning? 'I'll be your daddy' LMAO I LOVE IT)
2. Chris Daughtry....a sexy bald white man with facial hair and a wife. LOVIN IT! I'm torn between Chris and the one below for best voice...think he had the best performance last night tho.
3. Elliot Yamin...Hubby pegged him as the bootleg Jon B (gotta agree tho) but his voice just surprises me. Definetly going far...ANOTHER TOOTH ISSUE.

Can I just say my teeth may not be perfect, but I think it's a different story when you are on national TV with your mouth WIDE OPEN. Does Elliot have an entire bridge on his upper left? I can hardly understand Bucky with his. Just saying, go see a cosmetic surgeon down the ass is and I'm not even on TV!

4. Kevin Covais: My little underdog!

5. Taylor Hicks My white brother from another mother got SOUL yall! The harp? PRICELESS. Hubby hit it on the head: this man loves the music. He lives it, breathes it, and feel it. We love him and his prematurely grayed head!

Notwithstanding Kelly Pickler...let AI5 BEGIN!!!!!


Blogger Blah Blah Blah said...

Ace is gonna win it! Hands down. Maybe the cute little 16 year old chick...they seem to like her.

Your funny.

2:02 PM  

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