Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Bachelor

My Girl Moana DESERVES to win!

I have loved her character since DAY 1. Unlike most women, she held her hand close until SHE chose to let it be known. Why do catty women wanna knock you down just because you don't act like THEY DO?

And After the Final Rose...Jennifer was a hostile bytch who was mad she got the boot while young Sarah stayed. Can you say LOSER?

I do like Sarah from Nashville....she's a sincere woman with a beautiful spirit. Would probably make a great mom and wife. But the thing that makes me not want her to win....her family and her roots. Sarah made it clear she did not want to leave Nashville due to her family and the fact she is settled. Remember their faces when Travis said he wanted to live in the mountains? I'll admit I was surprised when the sparks started to fly, but it really does appear that they have a good friendship...but is it lust? I don't think so.

Moana should win for the following reasons:

1. She is active-Like Travis. She won the bike race, went jet skiing, is competive. Just look at her profile on

>My three best attributes: Independent, outgoing, adventurous
>My perfect date would be: Sitting in a museum, going to watch a hockey match, laughing on a street bench over coffee, flying a plane, listening to music, but most importantly, laughing
>My ideal mate: Looks like the '06 version of Gregory Peck with a little bit of the Knoxville gruff and has the wit of Luke Wilson, charisma of Tom Cruise, humility and strength of Robert Redford and the alternative edge of John Cusack

I'll be damned ff she wasn't describing a man JUST LIKE TRAVIS

2. Her family is crazy so she prolly wouldn't mind living in the mountains (for reason 1)

3. They have good communication (non-verbal as well). Her body is off the hook. They make a very good-looking couple.

4. Strong physical connection.

5. Mo doesn't have strong ties, so she would be willing to move around with Travis until they're settled.


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