Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Fuckin New Year!

Ok I'll admit it, I fell off my bloggin duties
*hanging my head*
I'm so ashamed!

Now that I have admitted my mistake, time to move on like I didn't just admit it and just keep things moving.
Now for something that is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY overdue. I have been a fan of PINK is the new BLOG for a while now and think Trent is my long lost brother (I sear he types what I think so often, its scary). His blog and his dedication makes a sista wanna try HARDER in 06. So shout out to Trent....your blog is the 1st piece of gossip I read on a daily basis. Thanks for keeping my ass entertained at work on a daily basis!

Just to show my love, I will now add PINK as my 1st link...just so the virgins out there can be entertained as much as myself and other gossip-junkies out there.
Just those how have read my site previously, I may reformat, I may not. What is the point of me redirecting every piece of gossip that is out there. I may rant on my Tivo or Netflix in 06, shyt its a new year so fugg it!
I may just keep going on with gossip, lawd knows that keeps my ass going.

But whatever I do, I PROMISE to keep my shyt more updated. For those who don't know me personally, my other half (that nukka I married) and I had a very stressful 05 and that made me not post as often as I did from June-October and for that, I'm not sorry becuase fugg it, a bytch as busy! But now that things are setteling down, and these freakin celebs keep doing stupid shyt, I'm ready to COME BACK!
Thanks for the support in 05, it was my 1st year and I had a blast. Now let's see how my ass handles 06, shall we?
P.S. My bday was 1/8 and a bytch getting old. No presents necessary, but show my ass some luv, damn!
I am currently going to keep posting, but remove all customizations, as I think its time to make some grpahics and make this site feel more like Toni....
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