Sunday, November 06, 2005

This are getting back to normal....

Well lookie here....just got back from a FUCKING HORRIBLE Jets game (I left in the 3rd, 28-13 San Diego) and my other half was right there to pick me up.

Thank God he's back, cuz I was going nuts 4real.

I wanted to post on something very important.....several artisits have recently released albums.

I stress the word A-L-B-U-M

For the 1st time in almost 10 years, I am about to go purchase a CD that I can listen to completley thru and I'm excited. Finally mofoes figured out if you make a decent record wihtout wack skits and interludes and just good music...the fans will come.

1) Toni Braxton's Libra
Toni is finally back (lmao I feel like I'm talking about myself here) and this album is on point. Best tracks- Please (MY FAVE), Trippin, and Whats Good

2) Sheek Louch's After Taxes
Sheek tore the shit DOWN with this LP. Point Blank
Best tracks- Maybe If I Sing (Ode to 50 Cent....lawd he tore 50 a new ass with this track), 45 Minutes to Broadway (MY FAVE), One Name ft Carl Thomas

3) Styles P's Time Is Money
Buy it, nuff said. My fave...I'm Black ft Floetry

4) Black Rob's The Black Rob Report
My other half thinks that Life Story is BR's better album....I truly believe, without a doubt, that this LP is Rob's best to date.
Best tracks- Ready, B.R., B.L.A.C.K (I LOVE THESE 3 TRACKS), Yall Know Who's Killed Him, Fire in Da Hole ft Ness.

In addition, there are new tracks out by The Fugees and Jagged Edge.
The Fugees' Take it Easy...L Boogie is back yall! And not only did she tear this track up, Wyclef and Pras did as well. Let's just say a sista is impressed.
Jagged Edge's So Amazing ft Volito...the track is hot...JE MAY COMEBACK...unfortunately Volito needs to take his azz off it...the accented English alone is enuff to hate his verse.

Tivo Update
I am now offically hooked on Prison Break! I've caught up on all 8-9 eps and I'm sprung!

I am also still crazy for How I Met Your Mother...after making hubby watch the 4 eps I saved on Tivo, I realized hwo much I love this show and how damn funny Barney, aka Doogie Howser, is. If you have not checked out Barney's Blog on and you've watched the show, IT'S A MUST READ.

I have to include an excerpt cuz this shyt is just hiliarious even if you don't watch the show (which you should)

Lebanese girls have shot past half-Asians and taken over as the new preferred
tasty cake. Sandwiched between Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is known for its natural resources of limestone, timber, and exotic bunnies - so gorgeous they'll cause any man to Bei-root for a little Middle Eastern piece.

So for those of you updating your Hot Flavor Lists at home, it now goes…
1. Ladies of Lebanon
2. Half-Asian Chicks
3. Concert Tee Girls
4. Senators' Daughters
5. Castaways


That's it for now...1


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