Friday, October 21, 2005

Whats goings on?

Hey yall....just got back from my postponed trip.

Shit was fucking horrible yo. (And to those that know I exagerating?)

But I got some shyt I wanna get off my chest.

1) The Apprentice....okay, I was listening to Star this morn and her that "La Donald" is complaining that Martha's show is dragging down HIS ratings. And La D has an exec credit on Martha's shit! Str8 loco. But what about Jon Faverneau (sp)? Is it just me or did he appear to be an uptight pompous jackass? Yea he's talented..but y the big head?
And Wyclef is a musical genius...quite underrated if u ask me.
However, it took THIS long (4 friggin seasons) to realize that these women are being catty? Cmon...this always happens on reality tv. But I am happy to see Randal portrayed in such a good light.

2) The Law Firm...I was torn when it came down to Michael and Olivier (sp). Altho Mike was a strong candidate, I will admit I was rooting for sexy-ass O to win. But when he lost he was one of the most gracious exits on reality tv thus far.

3) Britney having "doubts" of selling Baby Sean's pics.


Finally realized selling out your own child isn't worth the money u need huh? Fucking shame these immature little brat with questionable talent are constatnly in the press when the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket. Cmon does anyone else this God is trying to tell us something?

4) Drawn Together & South Park
YESSSSS! I loved DT 1st season and was SO glad it was picked up. If you don't watch it and a reality tv junkie like me....WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY. Shit is HILARIOUS, FILTHY, DISGUSTING AND FABULOUS!

To Be Continued....


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