Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm still alive!


Yes I am still alive in kicking...I have been so stressed out and busy this spring/summer....I apologize for starting off my blog and kinda dropping off the face of the earth.

Right now I am trying to get my house in order...which will be done by Septenber 30 either way.

I promise yall, I will be back with a vengence.....most likely for the Emmys if I can squeeze it in.

Just an FYI, I have been playing The Sims 2 Nightlife since 9/15. In case yall didn't know, I am sort of a comp geek and am ADDICTED (I really am, it's so sad but the Sims is the reason I don't chat anymore) . So I'm pretty much trying to get my fill of NL before I fly to Louisiana on 9/24.

Just in case you thought it was a typo, yes, I am flying down to Louisiana this month. No, I am not going ANYWHERE near New Orleans....but since I cna't fly into New Orleans, I have to fly into *shaking* Houston and take a little ass puddle jumper plane to LA.....Needless to say, I'm not a fan of this shyt right now.

To change the subject, I will now post a Tivo update with the new shows that I'm am watching and taping....Lawd there's some good TV out there nowadays....This is what I've been checking out (when I have time).

So You Think You Can Dance (lovin it)
Reunion (the 80s flashbacks alone...priceless)
House (haven't watched it yet, but Tivoed it....House is like a god to me & hubby)
Martha's talk show (she's sarcastic...I can see why men find her intimidating and therefore a bytch)
Tyra's talk show (I'm loving it...can't wait for ANTP)
The War @ Home
American Dad and Family Guy (I'm from RI and we LOVE Seth!)
Supernatural (haven't watched it yet, but Tivoed it)
Hogan Knows Best (I am pleasantly surprised and like it)

Lawd there's so much to type and sop little time during my 10-11 hour workday (Yea I know that sounds crazy, but I like working 4 days a week). I'll try to get back sometime over the weekend to catch up.

BTW, I watched the VMA's first the 1st time in a few years and really enjoyed the show. I hagte the fucking stages, but I will post about the VMAs seperately.

Catch me when you catch is what it is yall...1


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