Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Night 9/23..well Sat Morning now

I'm still here in NY, obviously.

I can't fly out because of the hurricane...and its path is going directly over were I'm supposed to go..*sigh* Everyone in the area already evacuated and I have NO FUCKING CLUE as to what is goings on...


Anyway I'm cathing up on my Tivo and had some thoughts...

The King Of Queens...very funny episode...I may be a real bytch but I enjoy the fact that Remini is kinda thick after having her baby. More like a normal woman instead of the Hollywood broom sticks.

Arrested Development...Lawd I love this show and am So Glad its back on. When Lucielle mentioned the attractive scientist saying pills were just a gateway drug, I fell out the chair laughing.

I'm still watching....bbl...or whenever at this point, fuck it.


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