Saturday, September 24, 2005

Still watching Tivo

Okay, It's now a little after 10 on Saturday and my ass been up since 9 summin!

Even on a friggin weekend, I cannot sleep past 9 if I wanted to...dammit!

Ok, here is more of what I watched last night...

Joey....Thanks GOODNESS things seem to be tighter. I have to say that this was one of the funniest yet since the spin off. I was impressed with the script and Matt still makes me laugh as Tribs...."ACTING EXCERCISES"...good thing Gina's role is expanding, tired of seeing her as a barely -dressed hair stylist with no clients...Still love Jennifer Cooledge too.

Supernanny....yes I love JO Frost and no I don't even have kids! I just love watch parents (some with decent money) have absolutely NO CONTROL over their kids and this prim British nanny putting them in check. I do like Supernanay much more than Nanny 911....why have 3 nannines if you mostly send 1 out anyway?

The Apprentice....haven't finsihed the ep yet...their already into their task and picked the Bally's gyms...Men had an unfair advantage...who da fuck are women supposed to beat men running to a helicopter on a gold course wearing heels? Was that REALLY fair and equal opportunity Donald?

Marta's Apprentice....I love the colors....not deary like Trump's....And I just have to say I love the fact she says "Goodbye" and then proceeds to write the follow-up/thank you note. Genius I tell you...but I don't see minorities (Liek that dude on Trumps with the 5 degrees...MIT....OXFORD...THATNUKKA IS OFF THE HOOK)


How I Met Your Mother...if you haven't watched this yet....DO IT....DO IT DO IT! I love Alison Hannigan (forgive the sp, she was in Buffy and band camp girl from the America Pie movies) so I wanted to give it a shot. So glad I did. The set up is the show starts in 2032, and a father is explain to his 2 kids how he met their mother. So they go thru the 1st episode where Ted (the father) says "I love you" too soon to Robin but still feel like she is the woman he is going to marry....and everything was funny (I liked the cabbie 2)...until the end when Ted told his kids that THAT was how he met AUNT ROBIN!

AUNT ROBIN! I feel out the fucking chair. So he obviously fell for one sister and went with the other one. Now I'm intrigued....tell me more. Set up is each epsiode Ted tells his children more until you get the enitre story in probably 20 eps. I liked the twist, clever little surprise if you ask me.

The Law Firm...I got hooked on this show when it was on ABC and I'm so glad it's still on BRAVO. Why does Roy Blackman get called Roy Black? One name does not equal the other. And he walks like Lurch, doesn't he? Never the less I still think Olivier is sexy, that he's sleeping with Aileen....and that Mike is a jackass.

Dancing w/ The Stars dance off....Yes I'm a fan and I have no shame. If my mom didn't get me hooked on this show, I never woulda watched So You Think You Can Dance. I complete agree with the decision and casted my votes for John. Kelly played herself and did nto continue to practice and it showed. Still unsportsmanlike to. How can you NOT love J Peterman?

ANTM....I do think Jay Manuel is hot since he went blond/platnium...and what I wouldn't do for 10 minutes with Ms Jay Alexander...those 2 men are the epitome of fierceness. I wachted the Tuesday show with the reunion...and I loved seing Mercedes and Shandi (you go Shandi)...also legally-bling eye chick was working it too. Although I like Niama....EVA WILL FOREVER BE THE ONE FOR ME...LOVES YA.

So right now I'm about to go get breakfast and watch the actual show, I just barely started it last night...I told you mofoes I had some catching up to do (tico is the best fucking invention ever, I swear if you dont' have it I have NO CLUE as to how yuo are watch the new season.

Please tell me why EVERY FUCKING THING seems to be on at the same time?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Night 9/23..well Sat Morning now

I'm still here in NY, obviously.

I can't fly out because of the hurricane...and its path is going directly over were I'm supposed to go..*sigh* Everyone in the area already evacuated and I have NO FUCKING CLUE as to what is goings on...


Anyway I'm cathing up on my Tivo and had some thoughts...

The King Of Queens...very funny episode...I may be a real bytch but I enjoy the fact that Remini is kinda thick after having her baby. More like a normal woman instead of the Hollywood broom sticks.

Arrested Development...Lawd I love this show and am So Glad its back on. When Lucielle mentioned the attractive scientist saying pills were just a gateway drug, I fell out the chair laughing.

I'm still watching....bbl...or whenever at this point, fuck it.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm still alive!


Yes I am still alive in kicking...I have been so stressed out and busy this spring/summer....I apologize for starting off my blog and kinda dropping off the face of the earth.

Right now I am trying to get my house in order...which will be done by Septenber 30 either way.

I promise yall, I will be back with a vengence.....most likely for the Emmys if I can squeeze it in.

Just an FYI, I have been playing The Sims 2 Nightlife since 9/15. In case yall didn't know, I am sort of a comp geek and am ADDICTED (I really am, it's so sad but the Sims is the reason I don't chat anymore) . So I'm pretty much trying to get my fill of NL before I fly to Louisiana on 9/24.

Just in case you thought it was a typo, yes, I am flying down to Louisiana this month. No, I am not going ANYWHERE near New Orleans....but since I cna't fly into New Orleans, I have to fly into *shaking* Houston and take a little ass puddle jumper plane to LA.....Needless to say, I'm not a fan of this shyt right now.

To change the subject, I will now post a Tivo update with the new shows that I'm am watching and taping....Lawd there's some good TV out there nowadays....This is what I've been checking out (when I have time).

So You Think You Can Dance (lovin it)
Reunion (the 80s flashbacks alone...priceless)
House (haven't watched it yet, but Tivoed it....House is like a god to me & hubby)
Martha's talk show (she's sarcastic...I can see why men find her intimidating and therefore a bytch)
Tyra's talk show (I'm loving it...can't wait for ANTP)
The War @ Home
American Dad and Family Guy (I'm from RI and we LOVE Seth!)
Supernatural (haven't watched it yet, but Tivoed it)
Hogan Knows Best (I am pleasantly surprised and like it)

Lawd there's so much to type and sop little time during my 10-11 hour workday (Yea I know that sounds crazy, but I like working 4 days a week). I'll try to get back sometime over the weekend to catch up.

BTW, I watched the VMA's first the 1st time in a few years and really enjoyed the show. I hagte the fucking stages, but I will post about the VMAs seperately.

Catch me when you catch is what it is yall...1
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