Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why I have not commented on Live 8


I'll admit I haven't commented on Live 8 yet because I have not seen all of it. Unfortunately on Saturday I had an appointment smack-dab in the middle of the damn day. I watched both Mtv and VH1, as well as the coverage on NBC or ABC, whateva fucking channel that shyt was on.

Needlessa to say, Mtv's coverage sucks! I'm too old for that crappy VJ BS, and I think Mtv left out some good performances so we can listen to the VJ's idiotic chatter and see just HOW BIG Sway's hat can get with those frickin dreds (he's another AJ with that predator type shyt). Live 8 was ABOUT THE MUSIC, not you're crappy as VJ's and their idle banter.

I am still watching everything on AOL to catch up. But I will comment on a few things I did see.

1) I was pissed that Mtv choose NOT to show Rob Thomas when he performed "Lonley No More", with his fine ass, just to let us see 2 VJ's say "oh there's rob thomas performing loney no more, right here in Philly".

2) Green Day in Berlin. I like Green Day (yes I do so bite me) and I love their song Holiday. Needless to say the sound in Berlin SUCKED cuz their performance was HORRIBLE. I've watched their exclusive performances on Launch and AOL, and I've seen them perform Holiday live on SNL. So WTF happened?!?!?!

3) Pink Floyd....Fucking AWESOME!
4) Jay Z & Linkin Park...not bad
6) LOVED DESTINY'S CHILD (I don't really like Michelle; she just looks like she doesn't fit, like a deer always caught in the headlights, like the clumsy step-sister no one wants taggin around). I was surprised they did Say My Name, even tho I like this version, the harmony with the old 4 was off the hook. (On a tangent, I found The Writing's On The Wall the other day and had to downloaded it. I musta went thru 7 of those CD's over the I downloaded it and have been listening to If You Leave ever since...) Watching it again now, their bad was one of the better bands...nice clean sound.
7) Bon Jovi....need I say any more? I still Live on a Prayer and I love it!
8) Madonna was ok, I sure miss non-Kabbalah Madge tho, But I was so happy she did "Like a Prayer" with the choir!
9) Def Leppard...I just can't let em go! But they should did!
10) Sting...I love the Police hits more than his own, and I so happy he did message in a bottle and every step you take
and let me just state for the record everyone I mentioned so far is already in my Ipod!
So that's all I've seen so far. I'll be back on this topic.


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