Wednesday, July 06, 2005

McD's designs on Diddy

McDonald's could become McDiddy's in an effort to inject some hip-hop street cred into the burger-flipping scene. Sean (P. Diddy) Combs' fashion company, Sean John, is one of several being considered to beef up the threads of the fastfood chain's workforce. Other designers in contention include Russell Simmons, Tommy Hilfiger and Damon Dash.

'We believe that restaurant employees are brand ambassadors, and this is a great opportunity to have crew uniforms which are reflective of that,' said McDonald's spokesman Bill Whitman. 'This would create designs that they'll be proud to wear not only in the restaurant, but outside, as well.'"

Yes, there's more to this dumbass the link above. I dont' know what is more distrubing...Diddy actually doing this or the fact the News is talking about "street cred"?


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