Friday, July 01, 2005

I STILL don't wanna be Bobby Brown!

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The entire show was a mess. Whitney still looks like a crackhead (obviously this was filmed long ago) and Bobby's lips disturb me...only Bobbi Kris is looking "a little" better than when last saw her. The last time I saw a pic of Bobbi Kris was when the 3 of em where at Disney World/Land/Whateva.

I was surprised at Bobby and Whitney's relationship, it didn't seem crazy to me. Hubby & I are definitely some yellers, we just like to argue, as do the 2 of them. But they seem to love each other, which explains why they stayed together over 10 yrs (WTF? 10 yrs married is like 50 nowadays!).

What makes me laff is the fact that Whitney is obviously not happy with the cameras, however Bobby loves the camera and an audience. The scene @ Atlantis was hilarious!

"Oh lawd why lawd can't I just be normal.....Why O Why? Praise Jesus!"

And WTF is up with Whit and her sunglasses and scarf? Now I can understand the sunglasses ALL the time, we all know u aint' got no hair and wear wigs. Just be like Tina Turner and get rid of your head dress Whit. Unless you converted when you went to Africa, u look like you fucked up ALL THE DAMN TIME!


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