Monday, June 27, 2005

You can FINALLY buy DVD @ Netflix

I was just saying to hubby a few weeks ago, I wish Netflix would sell used DVD's so I won't keep running to GameStop every other day. Unfortunately by now I don't always "go with my gut", which I should have done when I saw Closer there for $9.99. Hubby told me to buy it, but I said no (like a dummy), I'll grab it later.

Maybe it doesn't matter to most, but hubby & I are anti-bootleg, meaning we'll watch one, but never buy one. Our last DVD purchase was the Scarface collector's edition box set (the croc/alligator covering, the money clip, etc. etc) and hubby refuses to buy a DVD if we don't have the original case and booklet. I agree with him, I think it can make a really good collection look cheap and cheesy.

Needless to say when I went back 2 days later to buy Closer, it was gone. My ass is buying it from Netflix asap! They even give you the original artwork and case. Most are $9.99 (that I've seen so far)...seems like a win-win to me.

BTW, they will replace non-playable DVDs....not bad huh?


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