Friday, June 17, 2005

We Prefer Watching Movies at Home, Duh!


What a shock! Between
TiVo & Netflix....I'd rather spend $24 for the month than on one movie! Last movie I saw in the theaters other than Star Wars.....*thinking* It's been So long I don't' even remember. And Hollywood can't figure out WHY box office numbers are so low...they make these expensive a$$ movies that aren't really good (I still shudder when I think 2 nightmares otherwise known as The Hulk and Daredevil), then theaters go around and charge ridiculous prices for tickets and food to recoup. This is one of the time I'm actually glad I don't have children yet...taking a family to the movies can pay a utility bill for the month nowadays. Does it REALLY makes sense to put a movie out on DVD within 4 month of the theater release?
But on the flip side, Americans are at fault too....if we weren't so impatient studios wouldn't rush the DVD then cry when the see they're not making as many millions as they were the year before.

Oh boo hoo...or as my mom would say...go fry ice.

WAIT! I know one of the last movies I saw in the theater was White Chicks, and that's only cuz we snuck into it cuz we were bored...I know I saw at least 2 more while we were there.


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