Monday, June 20, 2005

"This is about me as a father'

And the truth is....YOU SUCK!

Don't get it twisted, Puffy pays child support for all his kids..including Justin. But what I find interesting is the timing of Misa taking Puffy back to court.

I read Wendy Williams' book and she had the transcript of her interview with Misa (she does appear to be a lovely woman, btw). She was talking about how Puffy doesn't give as much money for Justin as he does for Kim Porter's child, and this interview was shortly after Kim took Puffy BACK to court. She basically said he while Puddy does provides for Justin, her and her husband mainly take care of him...and how it was a shame that Justin was his first born...that maybe Kim got more $$$$ was because she was more high profile (i.e. always seen dripped in ice and w/ Puffy) and Misa was more the stay at home with your family type.

The thing that kills me is...."da duh dummm"...Misa and her husband have separated, and are heading towards divorce. NOW she chose to take Puffy BACK to court, and ends up getting $20, 8333333 per month. Shyt, find a guy you KNOW is paid/gonna get paid/gonna be part of an entourage of a guy who's gonna get paid, have a baby (preferably #1) and then lay up in the cut and bang his a$$ in court!

On one hand, I do believe he should pay for his kids. If he is worth an estimated 300 mil, a percentage should go to each child yearly until of college...and a trust. PERIOD. But it does seem funny that since Justin is the older child, why didn't she take Puffy to court back in the day...Justin's 11 now.
As Puffy said "But she did this two months after she separated from her
husband. She didn't do it when Justin was 7, 8, 9. Why not then?"
Exactly D-I-D-D-Y. His some with Kim Porter is 7 now. Kim didn't sue Puffy until they seperated and she got $30k a month.

But on the other hand, BOTH his baby''s mommas had to take him to court to make him pay in the 1st place. I can understand a brotha from da block on the low and hiding, but how can a multi-millionaire who is out on the town (or continent) all the damn time dodge paying child support in the 1st place? He owed Misa almost 400k in back support, and on the strength of that alone I don't blame her a$$ for going after him with the *doink doink sound*

250k is a house to a chick like me...this shyt is crazy!


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