Monday, June 27, 2005

Overheard in New York:

Or, As Some Call Them, "Children"
Guy #1: It is so over, but he doesn't know it yet.
Guy #2: Really?
Guy #1: Yeah. Too much wifey drama.
--The Roxy, W. 18th Street
Overheard by: Carlynn Houghton

Don't Forget the Ironic Lawn Jockeys!
Black guy #1: I don't want a fucking lawn.Black guy #2: But that's the American dream.Black guy #1: I swear, you have become such a bitch since you moved to Georgia.Black guy #3: Yeah, that nigga's got a screen door.
--West 4th between Sullivan & MacDougal

Cop: All right guy, you have two options--
Old man: Let me guess, you gonna lock me up? Man, I go to jail like summer camp.
--Times Square
Overheard by: Toon


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