Monday, June 20, 2005

Overheard in New York: This is Funny if You Like Vitreous Humor

"Guy: I touched your eyeball, doesn't that mean I love you?
Girl: Touch it again!
Guy: No you freak!

--N/W Broadway station" from Overheard in New York

Welcome to the FIRST DAY OF SUMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides the fact I CANNOT find parking anymore when I get home from work now that school's out, isn't the weather wonderful? Such a beautiful day (plz note the sarcasim, cuz it's there).

Hope you guys don't mind me using these quotes from Overheard. Not a native New Yorker, I see the humor in these things..."only in New York kiddies". Let me throw a few things up and I'll be back to chat...TaTa


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