Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lindsay gets erased.

Lindsay Lohan is flipping out over changes Disney made to Herbie: Fully Loaded without telling her. She stormed out of last night's screening after her single "First" got cut from the race scene and dumped to the closing credits.

LMAO her ass ran out!

And Disney even went the extra mile with the movie posters, basically editing her out completely, considering she looks like a (cokehead now) blond twig and she outdates her curvy redheaded (and better frankly, she looks fuckin horrible now) look in the film.

I guess you actually don't look that great LLo, time to smoke some weed and grab some Doritos. Damn shame cuz I love Freaky Friday and actually have one of the songs on my pod. So plz lawd look at what you're doing to yourself and STOP IT! dumbass keeps passing out every other month *smh*


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