Monday, June 20, 2005

Holy smokes Batman!

Ain't this a bytch! I was extremely pessimistic regarding this prequel, after the original (1st) one, I gave up on the franchise. From what I've been hearing, buzz is VERY good, and comic fans say the story holds pretty well. I liked Christian Bale in American Pyscho, and heard he did a pretty good job. I'm surprised that my friends had nothing to say about Katie, considering every1 I know who saw this was male...but I'm not surprised because she's too boney for most of my boys...they tend to like people who EAT! I personally want to see Michael Caine (I just watched Alfie last week).

71 Mil in 5 days? Looks like summer has arrived at the box office. I'm surprised that BrAn (Brad & Angelina officially from this point on MY site) has earned almost 100 mil in 10 days. I definitely have to catch these flicks when the other half has time.


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