Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hermes 'regrets" to Oprah

"RED-faced bosses at Hermes issued a wishy-washy apology to Oprah Winfrey yesterday - a week after she was refused entry into its posh Paris store in a racially tinged snub. As PAGE SIX exclusively reported on Monday, Hermes staffers would not allow Oprah inside, supposedly because they had been 'having a problem with North Africans.' Facing a p.r. nightmare, the company finally released a carefully worded 'I'm sorry' to Oprah, which also seemed to subtly lay the blame on her. 'Hermes regrets not having been able to accommodate Ms. Winfrey and her team and to provide her with the service and care that Hermes strives to provide to each and every one of its customers worldwide,' the statement read. 'Hermes apologizes for any offense taken due to such circumstances.' But Hermes also said that 'Winfrey and her team' wanted to shop when 'a private p.r. event was being set up inside.' Meanwhile, Hermes CEO Robert Chavez called Oprah's handlers in a bid to diffuse 'the situation' and invited her to come back to shop anytime. But it isn't very likely, as Oprah is apparently getting ready to sock it to Hermes when she returns to the air this fall. "


Get em in the fall, girl!


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