Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drew Barrymore, role model?

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MOST ACTORS and athletes don't ask to be thought of as public role models. But they are sometimes fashioned as such in the mind of the fans and the media. Drew Barrymore, an actress since the age of 5, has never indicated she had life's answers — in fact she often presented herself as a cautionary tale. But I'd say Drew is a role model of the best kind. When Drew found out that a 23-year-old girl was about to have plastic surgery to look like her, for MTV's loathsome "I Want a Famous Face" show, the actress tracked down the young woman's phone number. Drew begged her to reconsider: "You are beautiful just as you are, as yourself." Life & Style magazine reports that Drew was so convincing, so earnest in her plea to save this girl from unnecessary surgery, that the potential patient relented and cancelled her Drew-like transformation. Drew Barrymore — child actress, adult star, rehab survivor, producer, role model. She hasn't asked for that label, but she has it.

Wow, Drew. I'm glad someone finally had the right sense of mind to stop those crazy ass white folks (sorry guys, but I haven't seen anything else on there as of yet. If so, I stand corrected) from wasting all that money to look like other white folks. That shyt is crazy, glad to see you take a stand Drew (and I still LOVE you in Inreconcible [sp] Differences) !


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