Thursday, June 23, 2005

1st Teddy Ruxpin, hopefully next Cabbage Patch Dolls

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Dammit why did I throw mine away once upon a time *sniff*. In one week, we can all pre-order the new fourth-generation Teddy Ruxpins! That means that we can all sleepily lounge in our beds with our fuzzy talking friend telling us stories of the land of Grundo.

Well that just sounds retarded now...but the fact remains I LOVE the fact old (and better) toys are comming back. To this day, I still love the good ole Sit & Spin. To me, things were better back then. Of course we didn't have bills or anything, we had no idea what credit was, we just went to school, played outside, and hung around. Remember when the Xmas tree was surrounded by toys and boards games, not Sean Jean and PS2 games and cell phones. yea, I'm an bepper era chick, no doubt.

But this new Teddy Ruxpin has a better battery life since it will use MP3 cartridges instead of cassettes. The old (1st generation) Teddy's are now collector's items because they used a 2 or 3 servo motor and 4 C batteries instead of a single servo and four AAs. LMAO remeber C and D batteries? It seems now like back then we needs them big ass shyts for everything, now we just use them for flashlights. I only have AAs in the house myself, but 4 C batteries? Gat Damn!


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