Thursday, June 30, 2005

Overheard in New York: One-line Relationship Counseling

Black guy: I ain't saying I love her, but I got feelings for the bitch.
--82nd & 2nd
Overheard by: Rick Segall

Jamaican lady: We don't fuck for enjoyment, we fuck for love.
--Washington Heights

Guy on cell: You had sex with my sister!...Well was she any good?...Where the hell did she learn that nifty trick?
--Times Square

Who's tha Black Sheep? What's tha Black Sheep!

Rapper Dres and producer/DJ Mr. Lawnge are returning to the Hip-Hop scene with a new album, 8WM. According to Dres, re-entering the game is just another chance at furthering the Black Sheep legacy and continuing their success. In 1991, Black Sheep released their seminal debut "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," which reached #30 on the Billboard charts and ended up selling over a million records.

"I heard ya got tha feelin for da flava"

Lawd Flavor of the Month was my shyt. I can't believe I missed this story the other day, but I am SO happy some of my old faves or comming back. Does this mean Black Sheep is considered old school?

That's summin that makes me go....hhhmmmmm?

It's a bird, it's a's SUPERHEAD!!!

Well well, it appears as if Karinne Steffans', aka Superhead, manuscript is out and it's juicy baby. She finally used her mouth for something else for a change!

The memoir is being described as a tell-all, but also a cautionary tale for young women who think that life in the entertainment world is all sweet.

For example, after she hooked up with Shaq and showed him her superpowers for the 1st time, Shaq promplty deposited $10k in her bank account the next day. And of course the well-known romp with Usher in the back of his limo on Xmas..

Her book's description is below:

Glass vases filled with marbles crashed all around us as he began tossing linens from the bed. As the marbles scattered, we laughed in unison ... I remember the exact moment that I first laid on my back for him ... My legs were wrapped around his waist and just before his body was to merge with mine, I noticed his upper right chest. On it was a tattoo with the words "Pain is Love." Confessions of a Video Vixen is the widely anticipated memoir of Karrine Steffans, the once sought-after sexy siren who appeared in the music videos of multiplatinum hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and LL Cool J. A top-paid video dancer, Karrine transitioned to film when acclaimed director F. Gary Gray picked her to costar in his film A Man Apart, starring Vin Diesel. But the movie and music video sets, swanky Miami and New York restaurants, and trysts with the celebrities featured in the pages of People and In Touch magazines only skims the surface of Karrine's life. This memoir -- part tell all, part cautionary tale -- shows how Karrinne came to be the confidante of so many, why she kept their secrets, and how she found herself in Hollywood after a life marked by physical abuse, rape, and drugs -- all before she was twenty-six. By sharing her emotionally charged story, she hopes to shed light on an otherwise
romanticized industry.

And here is her book cover (yall like how I got the dish rii?)

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Rumors have been circulating that some nameless black celebs have contacted top execs at B.E.T. to try and get 'SUPERHEAD' uninvited to the event for obvious reasons, but their efforts may be in vain. According to sources, she will most likely receive a chilly reception from both music and sports celebs in attendance if she decides to make an appearance. But is it possible that B.E.T. made the choice to invite Steffans just so she could help the event bring in a big ratings boost for the network? Why don't you check your tape or watch the replay and see how many times the camera panned in on her in the audience. Steffan's was escorted by Bill Maher and it's no secret that he likes chocolate. He was once involved with Heather Hunter and he was also involved with a fomer flight-attendant who goes by the name Coco (real name Nancy Johnson). According the Smoking Gun, Johnson is suing Maher for $9 million. She alleges that Maher consistently physically, mentally and verbally abused her during their 17 month relationship by subjecting her to 'insulting, humiliating and degrading racial comments. She also claims that Maher reneged on promises to marry her and have children, as well as buying her a Beverly Hills home. Steffans new book, 'Confessions of a Video Vixen' was released on June 28, the same day the B.E.T. awards.

I know my ass don't wanna be Bobby Brown!

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Needless to say Bobby's show debuts 2nite. 2 epsiodes, 1 hour.

And just in case you miss it @ 10, Bravo's playing them again @ 11. Then Blow Out (which I've been digging ass loves drama when it's not mine) and once again Being Bobby Brown @ 1 am.

I will bite my tongue for now.....I'll revisit this after I watch.

Terry McMillan's 'Groove' got her fucked up

Author Terry McMillan has filed for divorce from the man who inspired the 1996 novel "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," which chronicled the romantic adventures
of a 40-something woman who falls for a guy half her age. In papers filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, McMillan, 53, says she decided to end her 6 1/2-year marriage to Jonathan Plummer, 30, after learning he is gay. "It was devastating to discover that a relationship I had publicized to the world as life-affirming and built on mutual love was actually based on deceit," she said in court papers. "I was humiliated." In response, Plummer maintained McMillan treated him with "homophobic" scorn bordering on harassment since he came out to her as gay just before Christmas.

I'm sorry, but I have to...


I'm sorry, but with all the book's like On The Down Low and "How U Doin" with Wendy, and shyt on Oprah, and movies, and books. C'mon Terry, even when I saw the movie I thought about could you not?

Gurrrrl, I'm sorry he did you dirty like that. At least you were smart enough to get a prenup...but u still paying him alimony like a chump. Those lawyer fees will kill ya, won't they?
I hope your prenup is tight

Is being married the new "being single"?

After months of speculation, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have tied the knot - and she's pregnant. Representatives for both actors confirmed the marriage to The Associated Press on Thursday. Their publicists, Ken Sunshine and Nicole King, also confirmed that Garner is pregnant with her first child.

Bo Bice didn't win the fourth season of "American Idol," but he did win his girlfriend's hand in marriage - and the No. 1 spot on next week's Billboard hot singles sales chart. The "American Idol" runner-up wed Caroline Fisher in Helena, Ala., Bice's publicist, Roger Widynowski, confirmed to The Associated Press Thursday.

The couple, who have been together for almost two years, exchanged vows at the New Hope Presbyterian Church on June 15 and their marriage certificate was granted Thursday in Shelby County, according to a report in People magazine.

It does appear to me that living in sin (that's my mom, not me), i.e. being single, is OUT and getting married is IN. Every other day a celebrity is getting married and takes more time to plan the actual wedding than they do building their relationship. Many couples only end up getting an anullment, usually within the year or at least 72 hours

Bang, instant media coverage!

Instead of losing even more weight or changing hair color, many female celebrities now have the ultimate acessory....a husband. Shyt I'd rather have my cat...he's more self sufficent than my husband is.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


R&B diva Eve has discovered that fame's garden has some serpents. The singer, 26, is mortified now that Internet voyeurs are feasting their eyes on a homemade sex tape she made when she was 21. The footage shows Eve and her then-boyfriend, Bad Boy Entertainment producer Stevie J., making use of a sex toy. The clip, dated Nov. 20, 1999, lasts only 30 seconds, but it's every bit as explicit as Paris Hilton's infamous tape. A spokeswoman for the star of "Barbershop" and UPN's "Eve" says the "personal tape" was made "years ago with her boyfriend of over two years. The fact that a private moment is being made public is a violation, and we would hope that people would respect her privacy as they would their own. Legal action has been taken to have it removed immediately." A friend of the singer confides, "She's devastated by this. She's hired a private investigator. She can't figure out how this got out. [Stevie J.] says he has nothing to do with it and is also horrified because he has kids." Two years ago, someone was peddling a photo that appeared to show Eve engaging in an intimate act with another woman. At the time, she told us: "I used to strip, so it could be me. Or it could not be me." Yesterday, a source said that, while Eve did pose for a nude photo, the other woman had been been "Photoshopped" into the picture.

"Photoshopped" huh? Is that what being caught out there is called nowadays?

Bob, should we register for His & His towels now?

The Cali Supreme Court finally did something right and let the domestic partner law stand.

The domestic partner law, signed in 2003 by then-Gov. Gray Davis (who also did something right 4 once), represents the nation's most comprehensive recognition of gay domestic rights, short of the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts and civil unions in Vermont and Connecticut.

The Campaign for California Families, along with state Sen. Pete Knight, challenged the law, saying it undermines Proposition 22 - the 2000 initiative that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Knight, a Republican who died after the lawsuit was filed, was the author of that measure, which passed with 61 percent of the vote. But the high court left intact an appeals court ruling that said that Proposition 22's language is clearly limited to "marriage," not domestic partnerships.

Now I'm am all for domestic partnerships. Initially I was for gay marriage, but at the same time I do see the point of differentiating between marriage (a man and a woman) and a partnership (man/man or woman/woman).....I just think it boils down to rights. Call the instituion or "marriage", or act itself, whateva you want. But I think it's messed up when I could see my husband in the hosiptal when Bob can't see Joe just because he's not his spouse in the eyes of the public or the law. Or that Joe isn't considered a spouse and therefore cannot receive any of Bob's benefits.

*knockin on wood alot*

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New York City Subway Stories

Conductor #1: This is 34th Street. Transfer is available to the B, Q, D...B...Q...Penn Station...D--
Conductor #2: Move over. D, Q, N, R. Stand clear.
--F train
Overheard by: Cole Couture

Hipster: Did the train just pass 28th street?
Woman: Yes, it went express, but you could get off at 14th and switch to the uptown train.
Homeboy: Or you could take your chances, break the window with a crowbar and jump out now. --1 train
Overheard by: Hayley

Man: This won't do. All bad smelling people get the hell off the train.
At the next stop most of the car clears out.
Man: That's what I'm talking about.
--A train

A Black kid and his Hispanic girlfriend are arguing on the train. The kid is holding her in the seat and she is trying to rip off his shirt. The entire car is watching, as if it were a car wreck.
Hispanic girl: You're always showing off!
Black kid: What?
Hispanic girl: Get off me!
Black kid: Stop it!
Hispanic girl: Get off me!
Black passenger guy: Man, why's it always gotta be our people pulling this shit? You never see White people pulling this shit. You never see Chinese people pulling this shit. Man!
--C train

Two women were sitting next to each other, one clearly from New York, the other not. The tourist woman gestured with her chin at the conductor's booth and asked: Is that the bathroom? --A train

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tip Puts Biggie Trial on Hold

Lawdy this is getting good!

Corey Clark's Breakfast Brawl

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The "Paulatics" singer was cited on a misdemeanor battery charge Saturday after getting into an alleged food fight with his record company manager over breakfast in a Sacramento hotel room.

What a fucking dingbat! He lost the last little shred, if any, of credibility he HAD. Dummy *smh* @ Paulatics.

Just adopt a kid, Brad

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Well looky here...Brad all but ignores Angelina and just bonds with Maddox. Some say she could be hanging back with the preggers, which I cannot fathom @ this point. Brad sweetie, go adopt those kids you saw over there in that village....get ALL THOSE KIDS. I think you'll be lonely pretty soon buddy *wink*. Just be single for a while then go adopt.

Dammit Demi!

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Is she or isn't she? That's the question of the week folks.

I'm preturbed on this one...I'd say not...but lawd knows how small she could carry after seeing her tight lil ass in CA2. (I'm afraid to see Ashton's child, actually)

Overheard in New York:

Or, As Some Call Them, "Children"
Guy #1: It is so over, but he doesn't know it yet.
Guy #2: Really?
Guy #1: Yeah. Too much wifey drama.
--The Roxy, W. 18th Street
Overheard by: Carlynn Houghton

Don't Forget the Ironic Lawn Jockeys!
Black guy #1: I don't want a fucking lawn.Black guy #2: But that's the American dream.Black guy #1: I swear, you have become such a bitch since you moved to Georgia.Black guy #3: Yeah, that nigga's got a screen door.
--West 4th between Sullivan & MacDougal

Cop: All right guy, you have two options--
Old man: Let me guess, you gonna lock me up? Man, I go to jail like summer camp.
--Times Square
Overheard by: Toon

The Swift Report: 50 Cent Leaves 'Live 8' Over Trade Policy Dispute

"Conflicting world views
Sources close to the rapper say that despite his initial excitement about the project, Mr. Cent's enthusiasm began to wane in recent week as Live 8 organizers, most notably former Boomtown Rat Sir Bob Geldof, began to make increasingly radical statements about global capitalism. Sir Geldof has called for a million protestors to travel from the Live 8 concert in London to Edinburgh, Scotland, site of a summit of the world's most powerful countries, known as the G8. The G8 has no connection to Mr. Cent's own G Unit.

Fears of a 'massacre'
Mr. Cent is said to have expressed concerns that a march of that size could endanger participants and local residents, and lead to the type of violence between protestors and police witnessed at anti-globalization protests in Seattle and Genoa. But it is the tone of the dialogue that is said to have caused Mr. Cent the greatest concern. In a statement released by his publicist last week, Mr. Cent all but ignored the Live 8 organizers, reaching out instead to the G8 member countries:
'50 Cent applauds the recent decision of the G8 to cancel the debt of some of the world's poorest nations. He extends his best wishes to participants in the Gleneagle's G8 summit and looks forward to the further implementation of the Africa Action Plan.'"

Well I'll be damn. It does appear as if Mr. Jackson finally got a decent publicist. Or he actually did read a book! Either way, I'm pleasantly surprised he stepped back from all the publicity (he has been quite the publicity whore lately, no?) and took a friggin stand.

How rare nowadays

You can FINALLY buy DVD @ Netflix

I was just saying to hubby a few weeks ago, I wish Netflix would sell used DVD's so I won't keep running to GameStop every other day. Unfortunately by now I don't always "go with my gut", which I should have done when I saw Closer there for $9.99. Hubby told me to buy it, but I said no (like a dummy), I'll grab it later.

Maybe it doesn't matter to most, but hubby & I are anti-bootleg, meaning we'll watch one, but never buy one. Our last DVD purchase was the Scarface collector's edition box set (the croc/alligator covering, the money clip, etc. etc) and hubby refuses to buy a DVD if we don't have the original case and booklet. I agree with him, I think it can make a really good collection look cheap and cheesy.

Needless to say when I went back 2 days later to buy Closer, it was gone. My ass is buying it from Netflix asap! They even give you the original artwork and case. Most are $9.99 (that I've seen so far)...seems like a win-win to me.

BTW, they will replace non-playable DVDs....not bad huh?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Somewhere, A Sardine is Turning Green with Envy

Overheard in New York:
"Two tween girls push into a very crowded train, causing a woman to almost lose her footing.
Woman: You can't just push if there's nowhere to go!
The doors start to close.
Tween girl: Obviously I could.
--6 train"


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Zach's plight (if this is fake Imma be pissed!)

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I hope this isn't someone's idea of a sick joke. I came across this blog and was absolutely shocked! Please start from the beginning and read up, you will not belive this shyt!

For those that just wanna know (and I promise not to ruin the effect) a boy we knows as Zach (shown above) came out to his parents and his parents decided that he needed to "help". It's incredible and just read ppl's reaction (it moved me, so I pray this shyt is not fake and if so I will deleted this post immediately and deny, deny, deny!)

Hermes 'regrets" to Oprah

"RED-faced bosses at Hermes issued a wishy-washy apology to Oprah Winfrey yesterday - a week after she was refused entry into its posh Paris store in a racially tinged snub. As PAGE SIX exclusively reported on Monday, Hermes staffers would not allow Oprah inside, supposedly because they had been 'having a problem with North Africans.' Facing a p.r. nightmare, the company finally released a carefully worded 'I'm sorry' to Oprah, which also seemed to subtly lay the blame on her. 'Hermes regrets not having been able to accommodate Ms. Winfrey and her team and to provide her with the service and care that Hermes strives to provide to each and every one of its customers worldwide,' the statement read. 'Hermes apologizes for any offense taken due to such circumstances.' But Hermes also said that 'Winfrey and her team' wanted to shop when 'a private p.r. event was being set up inside.' Meanwhile, Hermes CEO Robert Chavez called Oprah's handlers in a bid to diffuse 'the situation' and invited her to come back to shop anytime. But it isn't very likely, as Oprah is apparently getting ready to sock it to Hermes when she returns to the air this fall. "


Get em in the fall, girl!

Lindsay gets erased.

Lindsay Lohan is flipping out over changes Disney made to Herbie: Fully Loaded without telling her. She stormed out of last night's screening after her single "First" got cut from the race scene and dumped to the closing credits.

LMAO her ass ran out!

And Disney even went the extra mile with the movie posters, basically editing her out completely, considering she looks like a (cokehead now) blond twig and she outdates her curvy redheaded (and better frankly, she looks fuckin horrible now) look in the film.

I guess you actually don't look that great LLo, time to smoke some weed and grab some Doritos. Damn shame cuz I love Freaky Friday and actually have one of the songs on my pod. So plz lawd look at what you're doing to yourself and STOP IT! dumbass keeps passing out every other month *smh*

1st Teddy Ruxpin, hopefully next Cabbage Patch Dolls

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Dammit why did I throw mine away once upon a time *sniff*. In one week, we can all pre-order the new fourth-generation Teddy Ruxpins! That means that we can all sleepily lounge in our beds with our fuzzy talking friend telling us stories of the land of Grundo.

Well that just sounds retarded now...but the fact remains I LOVE the fact old (and better) toys are comming back. To this day, I still love the good ole Sit & Spin. To me, things were better back then. Of course we didn't have bills or anything, we had no idea what credit was, we just went to school, played outside, and hung around. Remember when the Xmas tree was surrounded by toys and boards games, not Sean Jean and PS2 games and cell phones. yea, I'm an bepper era chick, no doubt.

But this new Teddy Ruxpin has a better battery life since it will use MP3 cartridges instead of cassettes. The old (1st generation) Teddy's are now collector's items because they used a 2 or 3 servo motor and 4 C batteries instead of a single servo and four AAs. LMAO remeber C and D batteries? It seems now like back then we needs them big ass shyts for everything, now we just use them for flashlights. I only have AAs in the house myself, but 4 C batteries? Gat Damn!

Oprah's Pissed


I'm glad the really story is finally coming out. And to make matters worse, Hermes is backpedalling and trying to say they had an event going on inside and THAT was the reason our beloved Oprah was denied.


Hermes, you can't play a playa. Did you guys really think Oprah wasn't going to do/say anything after what went down? And cancelling her pending order, priceless.

What I wonder is, minority women will unite and blacklist Hermes (not like TONS of us can afford to shop there anyway), but I wonder what affect Oprah will have with her audience, especially the upper crust folks. I guess we'll just have to wait and see :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drew Barrymore, role model?

Courtesy of Liz Smith..
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MOST ACTORS and athletes don't ask to be thought of as public role models. But they are sometimes fashioned as such in the mind of the fans and the media. Drew Barrymore, an actress since the age of 5, has never indicated she had life's answers — in fact she often presented herself as a cautionary tale. But I'd say Drew is a role model of the best kind. When Drew found out that a 23-year-old girl was about to have plastic surgery to look like her, for MTV's loathsome "I Want a Famous Face" show, the actress tracked down the young woman's phone number. Drew begged her to reconsider: "You are beautiful just as you are, as yourself." Life & Style magazine reports that Drew was so convincing, so earnest in her plea to save this girl from unnecessary surgery, that the potential patient relented and cancelled her Drew-like transformation. Drew Barrymore — child actress, adult star, rehab survivor, producer, role model. She hasn't asked for that label, but she has it.

Wow, Drew. I'm glad someone finally had the right sense of mind to stop those crazy ass white folks (sorry guys, but I haven't seen anything else on there as of yet. If so, I stand corrected) from wasting all that money to look like other white folks. That shyt is crazy, glad to see you take a stand Drew (and I still LOVE you in Inreconcible [sp] Differences) !

Yes, I'm Black and I'm rich....

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Damn the man is STILL fine (and over 50)!

It's nice to see some celebs still have a good head and the graciousness to reach out, especially to the military right about now since Bush stays keeping shyt messed up.


Fuck it, I'm just not feeling that great. I'm taking a sick day.

I figure I'll take the day off and "blog network"....what's the point of me doing this if no one reads my shyt?

See yall 2morrow...1


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

About damn time!

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The NEW Fantastic 4 (not the movie, don't be mad)

This shyt had me ROLLIN...whoeva came up with the new name for B & J (haha, I made a funny) gets a few points
And the season's other supercouples — TomKat (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), BenJen (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner), and, er, Beyonzee (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) have their own super-powers. United Nations and NYPD be damned: We've practically got our own untapped Justice League of America in Hollywood! upercouples have always been around, perhaps most notably Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, shining icons of 1960s glamour and glory. But at the time, no one felt the need to morph them into one superbeing. We dubbed them Liz and Dick, not ElizaBur.
We can thank Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (aka Bennifer) for the branding of supercouples. After Lopez renamed herself first Jenny from the Block and then J.Lo, it only made sense that she and her then-beloved also get rechristened. And that's the superpower every superduo possesses: The ability to make us care — deeply, very deeply — even when they are performing such stupefyingly mundane acts as tossing out the trash (Pow!), shopping for groceries (Zap!) or drinking coffee Ka-zam!). After all, it takes such otherworldly calamities as cosmic rays and radioactive spiders to turn most normal folks into costumed saviors. But to turn two stars into a supercouple, all it takes is the nonstop adoration and panting of the public. Here's our celeb comic-book crib sheet:
ALTER EGOS: Just your typical Scientologist twosome. Tom's currently waging a "War of the Worlds" with the paparazzi; Katie's spreading her wings in "Batman Begins." SUPERPOWERS: Ability to appear immune to skepticism; apparent force field deflects suspicious public. SUPERSTATUS: Engaged. (The rock on her finger
could be named "The Hulk.") ARCHNEMESIS: Overexposure.SUPER-PSYCHIC SAYS: "Frantic passion remains for this budding couple," says Manhattan psychic Dougall Fraser. "They seem to be in a race to make this relationship all it is supposed to be. My prediction is that it may be the shortest marriage for Tom,
and the longest for Katie — at least so far."
ALTER EGOS: Beantown-boy-turned-Oscar-winner & butt-kicking superspy whose "Alias" is well known.SUPERPOWERS: Ability to rebound from failed relationships. SUPERPOWERS: Expecting a superbaby (one part Daredevil, one part Elektra). ARCHNEMESIS: World Poker Tour hitting Boston.SUPER-PSYCHIC SAYS: "Ben is obsessed with other things. Women can't hold a big place in his life," says Manhattan psychic Rochelle Jewel Shapiro. "If they do get married, it won't last. He is too overwhelmed with himself. He has a good heart but is unable to really attach to people."
Mr. & Mrs. Smith from next door. Brad's a wanna-be architect, Angelina's an international do-gooder. SUPERPOWERS: Can ignite foes — and fans — with superhot sexual chemistry. SUPERPOWERS: Still cloaked.ARCHNEMESIS: Angelina's next male co-star. SUPER-PSYCHIC SAYS: "As I tune into their energy, their relationship seems to be coming to a close," says Fraser. "I predict that in early fall, Angelina will meet a new man. He is younger, foreign and works in the music industry. Sadly, it appears that Brad may be nursing a broken heart over the summer."
ALTER EGOS: The rap world's most wholesome hotties. SUPERPOWERS: Bottomless bank accounts (and wells of talent). SUPERPOWERS: The worst-kept secret in Gotham. ARCHNEMESIS: Any number of "99 Problems."SUPER-PSYCHIC SAYS: "They'll have the summer together, but that's as far as it goes," says Shapiro."He's a potato head, with eyes all over. But it's not his fault — he has women throwing themselves at him, and it's a hard position to be in." With Felissa Benjamin

I wish I could DISAPPEAR for 16 days!


Yesterday I read in the daily news about the rumor that TomKat have a contract for $5 mil for 5 year with no sex. I decided against including it because although I enjoy the Gatcrasher, he/she is not credible most of the time. But now Katie was gone for 16 days, starting the day she met with Tom for MI:3, and has since fired her long-time ppl in favor of Tom's science-mumbo-jumbo.

Just the fact she disappeared right after she met Cruise is downright scary *shivering*.

Introducing a little swirl....

Say hello to the Swirl Bikini brief for men. Not only does the swirl tend to "enhance", but it continues from front to back so I'm assuming it could "enhance" the back end as well.

Shyt, women have the Wonderbra and now men have this!

All I can say is I would hate to get sent a pic from some mofo online sporting these briefs only to find out I was short-changed at the end. HAHAHA...just the thought of women (especially sistas) assaulting men because they were "fooled".

Monday, June 20, 2005


You see what happens when a sista doesn't do her hair....

She's mistaken for a North African (wtf?!!?)


I guess I spoke too soon *sadly*.

I have NO idea why Warner Bros decide to jump the gun and remake all the Batman movies (who else could be the Penguin? oohhhh would Debito make an appearance?). they always ruina good thing cuz they get greedy when they see $$$$$

But I DO love the quote "Sadly, this leaves Katie Holmes out. "She won't be in the sequel . . . the next romantic interest will be a much stronger actress," we're told. "Warner is happy that people are now focusing on who'll be playing the Joker rather than Katie and Tom [Cruise]."


"We didn't!" But do we CARE?

Look Ben,

You found a new girlfriend with the same names as your ex. Bennifer can still sell those tshirts you received too late that you were selling madd cheap on SNL (good hustle tho, shoulda had a phone # 2). You even knocked her up while your ex is desperate to be knocked up herself (nice move Ben, a nice big fugg u in da face!).

Who cares if you married Elektra or not. If you didn't, I'm sure you will be married before your bastard's born, won't ya *wink wink*?


"This is about me as a father'

And the truth is....YOU SUCK!

Don't get it twisted, Puffy pays child support for all his kids..including Justin. But what I find interesting is the timing of Misa taking Puffy back to court.

I read Wendy Williams' book and she had the transcript of her interview with Misa (she does appear to be a lovely woman, btw). She was talking about how Puffy doesn't give as much money for Justin as he does for Kim Porter's child, and this interview was shortly after Kim took Puffy BACK to court. She basically said he while Puddy does provides for Justin, her and her husband mainly take care of him...and how it was a shame that Justin was his first born...that maybe Kim got more $$$$ was because she was more high profile (i.e. always seen dripped in ice and w/ Puffy) and Misa was more the stay at home with your family type.

The thing that kills me is...."da duh dummm"...Misa and her husband have separated, and are heading towards divorce. NOW she chose to take Puffy BACK to court, and ends up getting $20, 8333333 per month. Shyt, find a guy you KNOW is paid/gonna get paid/gonna be part of an entourage of a guy who's gonna get paid, have a baby (preferably #1) and then lay up in the cut and bang his a$$ in court!

On one hand, I do believe he should pay for his kids. If he is worth an estimated 300 mil, a percentage should go to each child yearly until of college...and a trust. PERIOD. But it does seem funny that since Justin is the older child, why didn't she take Puffy to court back in the day...Justin's 11 now.
As Puffy said "But she did this two months after she separated from her
husband. She didn't do it when Justin was 7, 8, 9. Why not then?"
Exactly D-I-D-D-Y. His some with Kim Porter is 7 now. Kim didn't sue Puffy until they seperated and she got $30k a month.

But on the other hand, BOTH his baby''s mommas had to take him to court to make him pay in the 1st place. I can understand a brotha from da block on the low and hiding, but how can a multi-millionaire who is out on the town (or continent) all the damn time dodge paying child support in the 1st place? He owed Misa almost 400k in back support, and on the strength of that alone I don't blame her a$$ for going after him with the *doink doink sound*

250k is a house to a chick like me...this shyt is crazy!

Holy smokes Batman!

Ain't this a bytch! I was extremely pessimistic regarding this prequel, after the original (1st) one, I gave up on the franchise. From what I've been hearing, buzz is VERY good, and comic fans say the story holds pretty well. I liked Christian Bale in American Pyscho, and heard he did a pretty good job. I'm surprised that my friends had nothing to say about Katie, considering every1 I know who saw this was male...but I'm not surprised because she's too boney for most of my boys...they tend to like people who EAT! I personally want to see Michael Caine (I just watched Alfie last week).

71 Mil in 5 days? Looks like summer has arrived at the box office. I'm surprised that BrAn (Brad & Angelina officially from this point on MY site) has earned almost 100 mil in 10 days. I definitely have to catch these flicks when the other half has time.

Overheard in New York: This is Funny if You Like Vitreous Humor

"Guy: I touched your eyeball, doesn't that mean I love you?
Girl: Touch it again!
Guy: No you freak!

--N/W Broadway station" from Overheard in New York

Welcome to the FIRST DAY OF SUMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides the fact I CANNOT find parking anymore when I get home from work now that school's out, isn't the weather wonderful? Such a beautiful day (plz note the sarcasim, cuz it's there).

Hope you guys don't mind me using these quotes from Overheard. Not a native New Yorker, I see the humor in these things..."only in New York kiddies". Let me throw a few things up and I'll be back to chat...TaTa

Friday, June 17, 2005

WOW Report: Exclusive! On the Brown Low

"The much-anticipated Bobby and Whitney reality show, Being Bobby Brown, doesn't air on Bravo until June 30, but an exclusive clip from the debut episode just showed up in the WOW Report's mailbox"

Well thanx ya very much WOW...and here's the direct link to the video: Whitney & Bobby: Preparation H. Needsless to say, it's priceless.

Just wanted to share this little gem :-P

We Prefer Watching Movies at Home, Duh!


What a shock! Between
TiVo & Netflix....I'd rather spend $24 for the month than on one movie! Last movie I saw in the theaters other than Star Wars.....*thinking* It's been So long I don't' even remember. And Hollywood can't figure out WHY box office numbers are so low...they make these expensive a$$ movies that aren't really good (I still shudder when I think 2 nightmares otherwise known as The Hulk and Daredevil), then theaters go around and charge ridiculous prices for tickets and food to recoup. This is one of the time I'm actually glad I don't have children yet...taking a family to the movies can pay a utility bill for the month nowadays. Does it REALLY makes sense to put a movie out on DVD within 4 month of the theater release?
But on the flip side, Americans are at fault too....if we weren't so impatient studios wouldn't rush the DVD then cry when the see they're not making as many millions as they were the year before.

Oh boo hoo...or as my mom would say...go fry ice.

WAIT! I know one of the last movies I saw in the theater was White Chicks, and that's only cuz we snuck into it cuz we were bored...I know I saw at least 2 more while we were there.

Ok, maybe 15k for an umbrealla stand really WAS extravagant

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE:TYC - news) Chief xecutive Dennis Kozlowski and finance chief Mark Swartz were found guilty on Friday of stealing more than $150 million, giving prosecutors pursuing the recent wave of corporate scandals one of their biggest victories to date.
Kozlowski, 58, and Swartz, 44, were each found guilty of 22 counts of grand larceny, conspiracy, fraud and falsifying business records. Both former executives were found not guilty on one charge of falsifying documents.

Everyone under the sun new these mofos were guilty, no? How you gonna work for a company and just take millions of dollars when he made over 6 figures a year not including bonuses...spending more than one years rent on my apartment...for an umbrella stand? Not to mention that statue and the party that had vodka running thru the penis (even tho I would LOVE to see that thing!) It's nice to see a greedy CEO go down for once. Sometimes the system actually works *shocked*

The Jump Off

Woman #1: You blew that smoke right in my face

Woman #2: I don't control the wind, bitch!

--46th & Vanderbilt

Overheard by: whirlygurly from

Dontcha just LOVE New York in the spring? This weather has been crazy and it's obviously spread.........all the way over to France! Yes, I have to go there or I couldn't call myself a gossip, now could I?

Tom And Katie To Wed!

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are engaged! Tom confirmed the news himself at a Paris press conference with his new bride-to-be. "Today is a magnificent day for me, I'm engaged to a magnificent woman," he revealed. Tom proposed to Katie Thursday night in Paris, at the romantic Eiffel Tower. As to why Hollywood's top gun chose that particular spot? "It's Paris, it's a beautiful city, it's very romantic."Tom asked Katie to marry him around 12:30 a.m. at the end of a late night, candlelight dinner at Le Jules Verne restaurant, which is on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. "I will forever be jumping on couches and hanging from chandeliers," he later said at the Marseilles premiere

And did yall get a load of that ring?!?!?! If not, check the pic below.
Is just it me, or does it look like that 1928 filigree jewelry...kinda cheap, but actually MORE expensive because it LOOKS so cheap? Yellow diamond my a$$, how can NONE of the paparazzi get a front shot of the supposed"yellow" diamond? Hmmmm...
Let's just say I'm STILL not feeling TomKat...blah!

Katie's big payday

c'mon we all know she can't act and has to get paid off by Tom somehow!
What a stupid stunt...if they EVER make it to the altar, I'll let my husband go anal...What a crockPosted by Hello
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